Civil Air Patrol

2019 Cadet Training Group
20 – 27 July 2019

at Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri

Applications are now open for the Missouri Wing CTG Cadet Executive Staff, Squadron Commanders, and Advanced Training Flight Commander. As the 2019 encampment begins to approach, I need two cadet leaders willing to fill the positions of Cadet Deputy Commander of Operations (C/DCO) and Cadet Deputy Commander of Support (C/DCS). I also need two cadet leaders willing to fill the positions of Squadron Commander and one cadet leader willing to fill the position of Advanced Training Flight Commander (ATF Commander). The dates for this encampment are 20-27 July 2019.

Applications for executive staff, squadron staff, and ATF Commander should be emailed to Mike Toedebusch, Director of Cadet Programs, with CC of squadron commander by 15 February.

For information regarding the two positions please see CAPP 60-31(Pg 47 and 51) :
Below are the requirements for C/DCO, C/DCS, Squadron Commander and ATF Commander positions:

    • Phase IV cadet (C/Capt or above for Squadron Commander) with continuous achievement progression.
    • A letter of recommendation from Squadron Commander/Deputy Commander of Cadets.
    • A CAP resume that includes Squadron, Group, Wing, Encampment, and National Cadet Special Activity participation, along with leadership experience.
    • A brief statement of what you can contribute to the 10th CTG Executive Staff, and why you want to serve. Also include your strengths and weaknesses as a leader and how that may affect your role.

C/Lt Col Nicholas Risko, CAP

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